Saturday, December 12, 2015

Isolated-I'm closer to Canada than to you(fm25)

Fluxus MT presents Isolated, Thompson Falls, MT's own noise artist's first physical release. In continuing from where his digital release, The Path Less Traveled, left off, Isolated creates cold, minimal almost to the point of HNW compositions. Dark, dense, bleak and alone feeling, this 22 minute track captures a focused approach to isolation in a rural area where one might not fit in completely. If silence is deafening then this is Isolated's way of dealing with it. At this point Isolated doesn't want to have a name nor an image outside of what Fluxus MT creates for him for his releases. Leave the identity to the sounds. Maybe in the future we will know more but for now its all about the sounds. This is an edition of 20 cdrs. each sleeve is handmade with a unique image on the cover and a quote from Rudyard, Kipling. Also check out his release The Path Less Traveled on Fluxus MT's bandcamp page. $5ppd in the states $7 international paypal to Thanks and Enjoy!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Contact Low / PCRV split(fm24)

Fluxus MT presents two Montana-based sound artists in one great 30 minute split. Contact Low is Kenneth Oblivion's Doom Electronics project. Contact Low has been an active presence in Montana's small but interesting noise scene for many years. First starting out in more of the noise realm and over the recent years has formed and refined into a beautifully executed post-industrial sound project. Slow heavy synth tones, heavy reverb and beautiful musical interludes all make up a larger darker picture. An extremely well executed and mature piece by one of the most talented artists I know. Definitely excited to see where Contact Low takes his sound and us with it. PCRV has been a staple for many years, 15 to be exact, in the noise scene and in Montana. His sound is always based in improvisation and heavy electronics. Within the last few years, PCRV's sound has explored such noise areas as pedal noise, synth drones, tape loops and junk metal noise and always keeping that signature sound. This release sees PCRV expanding the ideas that he played with on tour with Crank Sturgeon in the fall of 2015. A simple set utilizing a feedback loop as a low end base and two Trogotronic minisynths as sparring partners, hard panned right and left. These three tones create a huge wall of unnerving tones and chords, filling your head and ears with no room for thought. Its been a long time coming for these two artists to share a release with each and both are very excited its happening now. Edition of 50. artwork by Matt Taggart. $5ppd/$7international paypal to