Saturday, December 12, 2015

Isolated-I'm closer to Canada than to you(fm25)

Fluxus MT presents Isolated, Thompson Falls, MT's own noise artist's first physical release. In continuing from where his digital release, The Path Less Traveled, left off, Isolated creates cold, minimal almost to the point of HNW compositions. Dark, dense, bleak and alone feeling, this 22 minute track captures a focused approach to isolation in a rural area where one might not fit in completely. If silence is deafening then this is Isolated's way of dealing with it. At this point Isolated doesn't want to have a name nor an image outside of what Fluxus MT creates for him for his releases. Leave the identity to the sounds. Maybe in the future we will know more but for now its all about the sounds. This is an edition of 20 cdrs. each sleeve is handmade with a unique image on the cover and a quote from Rudyard, Kipling. Also check out his release The Path Less Traveled on Fluxus MT's bandcamp page. $5ppd in the states $7 international paypal to Thanks and Enjoy!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Contact Low / PCRV split(fm24)

Fluxus MT presents two Montana-based sound artists in one great 30 minute split. Contact Low is Kenneth Oblivion's Doom Electronics project. Contact Low has been an active presence in Montana's small but interesting noise scene for many years. First starting out in more of the noise realm and over the recent years has formed and refined into a beautifully executed post-industrial sound project. Slow heavy synth tones, heavy reverb and beautiful musical interludes all make up a larger darker picture. An extremely well executed and mature piece by one of the most talented artists I know. Definitely excited to see where Contact Low takes his sound and us with it. PCRV has been a staple for many years, 15 to be exact, in the noise scene and in Montana. His sound is always based in improvisation and heavy electronics. Within the last few years, PCRV's sound has explored such noise areas as pedal noise, synth drones, tape loops and junk metal noise and always keeping that signature sound. This release sees PCRV expanding the ideas that he played with on tour with Crank Sturgeon in the fall of 2015. A simple set utilizing a feedback loop as a low end base and two Trogotronic minisynths as sparring partners, hard panned right and left. These three tones create a huge wall of unnerving tones and chords, filling your head and ears with no room for thought. Its been a long time coming for these two artists to share a release with each and both are very excited its happening now. Edition of 50. artwork by Matt Taggart. $5ppd/$7international paypal to

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brandstifter-WE SELL FISH(fm23)

A long long overdue release by Fluxus MT from Branstifter, an amazing and highly prolific visual and sound artist from Mainz, Germany. Brandstifter has his fingers in a ton of activities ranging from zines and small press publications, mail art, fluxus, music and everything else he can grab at and play with. A playful artist. This release sees him taking a fluxus inspired poem he wrote and expanding it into a five part, fifteen minute sound poem using loops and his voice. Its very musical in its delivery and very fun and playful. Taking the words of the title and exploring the different connotations and spellings these words have. Fluxus MT is very excited to release this cassette. For those who enjoyed the Crank Sturgeon/PCRV spoken word split or the Michael Barthel release will be extremely happy with this cassette also. For those who have come to enjoy the diversity of Fluxus MT's catalog, this is another great one to have. edition of 30 $5 ppd. paypal at include address artwork by Fluxus MT's resident artist, Matt Taggart

Saturday, June 20, 2015

PCRV-Self Titled(fm22)

Fluxus MT presents another small run cdr release by PCRV. This release takes off where Gutted Ideals left off and expands the ideas presented in that release. 38 minutes of harsh tones, greasy spitting synth attacks and caustic fuzzed out metal attacks. static stabs rip thru the speaker and into cut-up glitch attacks fill this release. PCRV has decided to take one set up and push it to the limits. exploring and figuring out what is possible with staying in one spot, gear-wise. in an edition of only 10 cdrs with handmade sleeves and the discs wrapped in fashion magazine ads, another fine PCRV release that sees him getting stronger and stronger with his sounds. $5 ppd paypal at please contact for availability since it is a very small edition.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

PCRV-Gutted Ideals(fm21)

Fluxus MT is proud to present this very limited release from PCRV. 48 minutes and 6 tracks of harsh technical improvised noise. sounds range from harsh wall noise to subtle synth tones. crackling and sputtering. speaker ripping to soft and tender dynamics. Lately PCRV has been playing with a minimal setup including various Trogotronics synths, Sirkut Electronics SNB and a matrix mixer. Using the same setup to find and explore new ideas and sounds. PCRV and Fluxus MT sees this as one of PCRV's stronger releases in the last few years. This is Fluxus MT's second cdr release. artwork by Matt Taggart. Its assembled by hand and features a small poster of the artwork. edition of 15. $5 ppd. paypal at please include address.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jason Soliday/Peter J Woods-Another Five Obstructions (fm20)

Fluxus MT proudly announces the release of this amazing split cassette between Jason Soliday and Peter J Woods. Two artists who are both unique in their approach to sound art and noise music. When I started this label I wanted to do a split between these guys. I have loved both artists works and consider both good friends. I also felt they would compliment each other very well as a split. I talking to each of them we all three decided it would cool to do a split where each of them created a set of rules for them to follow. guidelines and stipulations. Jason and Peter each created 5 rules for each to follow and this is the end result of them. This release shows every aspect of their sound and approach. It also has a sense of humor and playfulness to their sound. For people who love and follow each of their respective output this is a must have. A strong release for both artists. artwork is by Matt Taggart. edition of 50. $5 ppd to please include address.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

PCRV-If Is What Was (fm19) SOLD OUT

If Is What Was is four new untitled tracks from PCRV. As always, PCRV has explored improvised noise music from day one. Having been around for almost 15 years now, PCRV has made a name for himself for being very harsh. Prides himself on the fact that all tracks are improvised and no editing is done outside of a bit of mastering. always tense and relentless. PCRV also adds a tinge of psychedelia to his sounds. large drones, sputtering tones and harsh walls make up PCRV. for fans of his work or individuals who are just finding out about him, this is a great album to hear. a limited number were made so jump on this asap. edition of 19 $5ppd or trade. paypal to include your address also.