Saturday, June 20, 2015

PCRV-Self Titled(fm22)

Fluxus MT presents another small run cdr release by PCRV. This release takes off where Gutted Ideals left off and expands the ideas presented in that release. 38 minutes of harsh tones, greasy spitting synth attacks and caustic fuzzed out metal attacks. static stabs rip thru the speaker and into cut-up glitch attacks fill this release. PCRV has decided to take one set up and push it to the limits. exploring and figuring out what is possible with staying in one spot, gear-wise. in an edition of only 10 cdrs with handmade sleeves and the discs wrapped in fashion magazine ads, another fine PCRV release that sees him getting stronger and stronger with his sounds. $5 ppd paypal at please contact for availability since it is a very small edition.