Sunday, April 26, 2015

PCRV-If Is What Was (fm19) SOLD OUT

If Is What Was is four new untitled tracks from PCRV. As always, PCRV has explored improvised noise music from day one. Having been around for almost 15 years now, PCRV has made a name for himself for being very harsh. Prides himself on the fact that all tracks are improvised and no editing is done outside of a bit of mastering. always tense and relentless. PCRV also adds a tinge of psychedelia to his sounds. large drones, sputtering tones and harsh walls make up PCRV. for fans of his work or individuals who are just finding out about him, this is a great album to hear. a limited number were made so jump on this asap. edition of 19 $5ppd or trade. paypal to include your address also.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Gilles Vignes-Dada Chalosse (fm18) SOLD OUT

Fluxus MT is very proud to present this fine release from French noise artist Gilles Vignes. This is a beautifully executed release that showcases Gilles control over sound. It ranges from beautiful and subtle field recordings to burst of harsh noise and well played electro acoustic noise and prepared guitar noise. This might be one of my favorite releases I've ever heard and I'm not saying that because I released it. He is definitely one artist to keep your eyes and ears pealed for. edition of 30 $5ppd or trades are welcome artwork by Matt Taggart paypal to please include address also.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Roadside Picnic-Crippled Crowned Clouds (fm17)

Roadside Picnic's release is a monster of a release. 120 minutes of sputtering, caustic, harsh sounds that ebb and flow like the ocean and is as big as the ocean. this noise project is the brain child of Justin Wiggin, an English artist who explores sound and art in a very conceptual way. I was very unfamiliar with his work outside of the split he did with Developer. This release was my real introduction to his work. I find it very dense and expansive. simple and yet complex with conception. Much like the other releases on Fluxus MT, this is much different than the rest. Definitely a release to own for those who are looking for more of a conceptual approach to noise. artwork by David Osbaldestin $5ppd paypal at please include shipping address with paypal payment.