Saturday, March 29, 2014

John Madigan Moloney-Drux Trelain(fm14)

John Madigan Moloney is a very unique artist. he's approach isn't one that chooses to follow current trends by any means. He uses his voice to explore what can be possible in noise and experimental music. He also creates very amazing and beautiful sound scrapes that range from drone to crusty and powerful. outside of making great releases, John is a great performance artist. combining actionism, conceptual art and painting into very great pieces to witness. artwork by Matt Taggart $5ppd or trade paypal at please include address edition of 50


Developer gives us this untitled gem of pure gold. a true master of sound and one of the premier cut-up artists within the noise scene. its a pleasure to be able to release a great release like this. the sounds on here range from quiet and subdued to full-on abusive. without sounding bias, this is a must have for people who love cut-up or want everything from Developer. artwork by Matt Taggart. $5ppd or trade paypal at please include address edition of 50

Armenia/K2/PCRV/Crank Sturgeon-Mutaciones(fm12) SOLD OUT

this blistering 4-way collab sees 4 top noise artists banging out harsh noise that will not let up nor will it allow you to breathe. a constant beating of the senses. it reminds me of noise collabs from days of yore. must have for fans of all of these projects. this was also released as a cdr release by Bizarre Audio Arts. artwork by Matt Taggart(pcrv) for both editions. $5ppd or trade paypal at please include address. edition of 50

Crank Sturgeon/PCRV-Future Steps for an Ancient Fever(fm11) SOLD OUT

this release is a culmination of several phone conversations and one article that addresses certain trends that are happening in the noise scene these days. Crank Sturgeon and PCRV address the issue of dance music and techno within the noise scene using the tools they feel comfortable with, their voices. each artist takes a stab at dance music within a conceptual framework. a different release for each artist. artwork by Crank Sturgeon. $5ppd or trade paypal at please include address edition of 50

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Michael Barthel-Etwas Wie Etwa Wars (fm10) SOLD OUT

Fluxus Montana is very proud to present Michael Barthel's etwas wie etwa wars cassette. For me this is a very special release for many reasons. One, Michael and myself have been friends for many years and even though we have never met in person due to the fact he lives in Germany and I live in Montana, we have a huge amount of respect and admiration for each others work. Many might remember his noise project called Nautilus Deconstruction. maybe one of the most underrated projects I've heard. Well, Michael has stepped away from noise music and has become an artist who's sound work is more personal and intimate than his noise project had ever been. Michael explores linguistics and speech patterns within his ethic background and personal involvement with speech. Michael uses very minimal sound devices to help him explore and acquire his vision of sound. a very enjoyable experience for the listener. even more enjoyable when you know him. this is a C32 of multi-voice/sound works that Michael has produced and performed and i'm excited to be able to release and capture this on a Fluxus Montana release. the artwork was created by Matt Taggart using photos and text given by Michael Barthel. here is a small text from Michael Barthel about his release: "sometimes i think a lot on the GDR - the former country in east-germany, where i grow up and living in between 1977 to '89.  after the "revolution" for few people it was important to build a new and "better" GDR, autonomos from west-germany. but this doesn't happened ... matt taggert arrange a collage for the cover, showing parts of photos i took over the last years near my house, rotten  and useless stuff. but there is a history in this objects, and a present and also a future.  there is a track within the release called “schnellster“, which means “the fastest one“. it deals with being the slower one,  not to be able to be fast enough; or being the one who must be always very fast to not get slow, like a survival of the fittest.  using just my clean voice, and dictaphone them, it often deals with the possibilities of a unique and personalized sonic expression  within culturally defined lingustic codes.   the photos, sound and titles are very connected with the topic, the circumstances to feel save and yourself in a place called "home".  $5ppd or trades are welcome. paypal at please include address. edition of 50