Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Crank Sturgeon-Husonaut (fm3) SOLD OUT

Crank Sturgeon-Husonaut 32 minutes of the extremely impressive sound collage from one of the greatest artists out there. its a great pleasure to release Crank Sturgeon's work. on recording or live, CS bring a levels of professionalism that is unseen in all genres of music. for those who are familiar with CS, this release is a continuation of his progress as an artist and for those who haven't heard him, this is a great stepping stone into his catalogue. $5 postage paid, add $2 per tape for overseas orders paypal at mattaggart@yahoo.com include address in paypal trades are welcome. contact mattaggart@yahoo.com

Diagram A-Confusion Rituals (fm2) SOLD OUT

Diagram A-Confusion Rituals 32 minutes of handmade, sputtering, crackling, dying electronics. Diagram A has been one of the best noise artists in the United States and recently has step back into the noise ring and creating some great sounds. its a real pleasure to release these two gems from him. $5 postage paid paypal at mattaggart@yahoo.com include address in message box trades welcome contact mattaggart@yahoo.com

PCRV-Archive Volume One (fm1) SOLD OUT

PCRV-Archive Volume One four recordings from 2003-2004. features sounds ranging from harsh to fierce high frequencies, field recordings, object manipulation and all improvised. a few gems laying around needing a little attention. $5 postage paid. paypal at mattaggart@yahoo.com include address in message box trades are welcome contact mattaggart@yahoo.com for inquires


Welcome to Fluxus Montana. this is the website to Montana's own noise and experimental tape label. right now we have only a hand full of releases but as time progresses we should have a great line-up of artists on our label. coming soon: Juice Machine Vertonen Jason Soliday/Peter J Woods split Xome Gov't Alpha GX Jupiter-Larsen Bob Bellerue and many many more thanks, Matt Taggart