Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Brandstifter-WE SELL FISH(fm23)

A long long overdue release by Fluxus MT from Branstifter, an amazing and highly prolific visual and sound artist from Mainz, Germany. Brandstifter has his fingers in a ton of activities ranging from zines and small press publications, mail art, fluxus, music and everything else he can grab at and play with. A playful artist. This release sees him taking a fluxus inspired poem he wrote and expanding it into a five part, fifteen minute sound poem using loops and his voice. Its very musical in its delivery and very fun and playful. Taking the words of the title and exploring the different connotations and spellings these words have. Fluxus MT is very excited to release this cassette. For those who enjoyed the Crank Sturgeon/PCRV spoken word split or the Michael Barthel release will be extremely happy with this cassette also. For those who have come to enjoy the diversity of Fluxus MT's catalog, this is another great one to have. edition of 30 $5 ppd. paypal at mattaggart@yahoo.com include address artwork by Fluxus MT's resident artist, Matt Taggart