Tuesday, May 26, 2015

PCRV-Gutted Ideals(fm21)

Fluxus MT is proud to present this very limited release from PCRV. 48 minutes and 6 tracks of harsh technical improvised noise. sounds range from harsh wall noise to subtle synth tones. crackling and sputtering. speaker ripping to soft and tender dynamics. Lately PCRV has been playing with a minimal setup including various Trogotronics synths, Sirkut Electronics SNB and a matrix mixer. Using the same setup to find and explore new ideas and sounds. PCRV and Fluxus MT sees this as one of PCRV's stronger releases in the last few years. This is Fluxus MT's second cdr release. artwork by Matt Taggart. Its assembled by hand and features a small poster of the artwork. edition of 15. $5 ppd. paypal at mattaggart@yahoo.com. please include address.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Jason Soliday/Peter J Woods-Another Five Obstructions (fm20)

Fluxus MT proudly announces the release of this amazing split cassette between Jason Soliday and Peter J Woods. Two artists who are both unique in their approach to sound art and noise music. When I started this label I wanted to do a split between these guys. I have loved both artists works and consider both good friends. I also felt they would compliment each other very well as a split. I talking to each of them we all three decided it would cool to do a split where each of them created a set of rules for them to follow. guidelines and stipulations. Jason and Peter each created 5 rules for each to follow and this is the end result of them. This release shows every aspect of their sound and approach. It also has a sense of humor and playfulness to their sound. For people who love and follow each of their respective output this is a must have. A strong release for both artists. artwork is by Matt Taggart. edition of 50. $5 ppd to mattaggart@yahoo.com please include address.