Thursday, November 20, 2014

Dead Edits- Lebarge Variations (Polar Vortexts) (fm16) SOLD OUT

Out now of Fluxus MT. Dead Edits is the beautiful collaboration between Eric Lunde and Blake Edwards. Each artist is amazing within the solo context. This duo has been creating pieces together for a while now each time I hear them or see them it makes me happy to know great minds do think alike. here is a little rundown of the release in the words of Blake Edwards: There are grisly, grist-wheel ground stories of abdominal abominable acts and misdeeds in the pursuit of riches. And in that spirit dead edits (Eric Lunde and Blake Edwards) traverse the arctic corridors of the Yukon psyche on a dogsled fashioned from old cassette decks and acetate pulled stringsong stridently by ravenous carnivorous caribou. Lunde dropped tape machines in the snowbanks; Edwards traipsed through -38° F wind chills to snapshot opportunity on a cassette recorder. Voices and sounds extracted, degenerated, and regenerated. Moments captured, mementos molded. This is C60 is limited to 50 copies and includes an accordion-style booklet with it created by both artists. $5ppd in the states $7 for overseas. paypal at