Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Unpopular Scientists-Eliminal (fm15)

Fluxus Montana is proud to present Unpopular Scientists debut release. U.S. consists of Reed Altemus(lap steel guitar) and Josh Ronsen(electric guitar), two great artists that have existed within multiple facets of the art world. Whether its dabbling in Fluxus or Performance Art or playing around with collage and visual poetry, both artist set a high standard and this standard carries over into this release. This is a great dialog of free-improv and prepared guitar duets. They create beautiful works that have a sense of restraint and thoughtfulness of what each other are doing. Unpopular Scientists definitely understand what is needed and not needed to make it work. This release is for fans of Keith Rowe, Derek Bailey, Fred Frith and free improvised guitar works. Artwork is done by Reed Altemus and Jane Wang. This is also Fluxus Montana's first pro-pressed CDR release. $8ppd paypal at mattaggart@yahoo.com edition of 100 you can also contact the artists also for copies.

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