Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Brown Piss-Subterranean Grapevine (fm9) SOLD OUT

Fluxus Montana is proud to present: Brown Piss's first release on Fluxus Montana and BP's first release overall. BP is the solo noise project of Jason Hodges. Hodges is most known for his grindcore band Suppression and noise/electronic duo Mutwawa. Here we hear Jason taking the rhythmic approach of Mutwawa and turning it into a bubbling, rusty sound. This is tasty noise that only Jason can do. A beautiful piece of sound indeed. This is a must have for anyone who likes harsh, gurgling sound with moments of rhythm. A top notch release and the first one of 2014 for Fluxus Montana. $5 ppd or trade. paypal Fluxus Montana at: mattaggart@yahoo.com please include address in message. artwork by Matt Taggart edition of 50