Wednesday, October 23, 2013

PCRV/Stricture Divulsor Split Cassette(fm6) SOLD OUT

This release sees two Billings, MT noise artists sharing the same tape. Montana isn't known for having many noise artists but that is changing. This is release features new material by PCRV. Matt Taggart plays with his recent signature sounds(big drones, high frequencies and punishing punches of sound) and also explores tape collage and tape manipulation. something you will see in more releases. Stricture Divulsor is the child of Michael Siebert. A new project from this young man. Still in his teens, Michael is making interesting sounds that gallop around. very reminiscent of Sudden Infant, in my opinion. Not harsh but noisy. This is his second release and will be very interested in seeing what comes from him in the future. Montanoise is back. Artwork by Matt Taggart. edition of 25. $5 ppd or trades. paypal at: please include address

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vertonen-Capillaires Mécaniques(fm5) SOLD OUT

Vertonen is Blake Edwards long runnning noise project from Chicago. Vertonen is one of the few artists who has an amazing grasp on all facets on sound. His releases range from harsh to drone to everything in between. One of the best out there. never a disappointment. This release see Vertonen exploring machine sounds. a well composed 47 minute release. For Vertonen fans, this release is a must have. edition of 50. cover picture by Blake Edwards. $5 postage paid, add $2 per tape for overseas orders paypal at: trades are welcome

Monday, October 14, 2013


First, Thanks to all who have released or supported FM. I'm really happy with the response so far. More great releases coming very soon. Next up: Vertonen-Capillaires Mécaniques C47 machine inspired noise that only Blake Edwards can make. This release is a continuation of Vertonen's amazing body of work. A must have for those who know his work or someone just getting into Vertonen. coming very soon. also coming soon: Gov't Alpha- DGTL Salvation C32 again, Gov't Alpha is one of those names in the noise scene everyone knows. His noise is as aggressive and harsh as you can get. This is classic GA but with a twist. Here we see Yasutoshi exploring noise within the digital realm. using a synth and computer to process the sounds, he creates new works that don't disappoint. Very excited to release this tape. Michael Barthel-tba C32 Michael Barthel started in the noise scene as Nautilus Deconstruction. A highly underrated project. For those who haven't heard his work as ND, you missed out. Micha has since moved on to just encompass being a creative force and artist. He runs Recordings for the Summer label and an art gallery in Leipzig, Germany and also is exploring sound art using his voice. Seriously amazing stuff. He and I have become great friends and I love that I'm releasing his tape. PCRV/Stricture Divulsor Split C30 two Billings noise acts share this cassette. PCRV is the old man on the block and SD is the new kid. New works by both artists. PCRV plays with drones, tape manipulations and harsh noise. SD plays with a droning gallop of sound. a great introduction to one artist and a continuation of another. more soon.